"One of the best things about 6IX MMA is Danny's teaching. He creates an environment where people can simultaneously work hard; learn the right way to do things for their skills,
abilities, and body type; and most importantly have fun.

The gym's strict ``no-a**hole`` policy means that the environment is safe and sane, and that team members work together to get better. Sure, you'll be challenged -- but you'll also be respected, taken care of, and included, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a pro." 

Krista Scott-Dixon, Age 45, Director of Education - Precision Nutrition

"Five years ago I made my first steps into 6IX MMA. It takes a certain amount of courage to walk into an MMA gym for the first time. After only a few minutes however, I realized that my nerves were completely unfounded. The Black Devil team were inviting, friendly, eager to teach, and committed to learning. I have never been part of team that is so inclusive and supportive. Regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or class, 6IX MMA embraces anyone who wants to train and learn more about combat sports. I can truly say that finding this gym will be one of the defining moments of my adult life. I've trained harder than I ever thought, learned skills I thought I would never have, and made friends along the way. My wife has trained with me there, my kids have trained with me there, a testament to how much I trust the 6IX MMA experience. Knowledgeable and experienced coaching ensures all members that they are being properly and safely trained. Whether you are a novice, someone looking to try something different, or an up and coming champion, this is where you need to be." 

Greg Johnston, Age 46, Music/TV Composer

"This gym has been so welcoming and inclusive! It's a great place for intros as well as people with more experience. Solid instructors and fantastic people!" 

Naomi Macleod, Age 35, Senior Economist

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"Having trained in several gyms across Canada, I can safely say that this is the nicest gym and the best value. The mats are new, soft and don't chafe and there there is plenty of space which is important for safety. 

Coach Danny and Lina are awesome! Danny is very knowledgeable and he is not a big guy so his teaching is technically based instead of just power. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the guys and girls who train there are all very friendly.

If you're interested in grappling, BJJ, kickboxing, or MMA at any level, this is a fantastic gym. "  Charles B.


“Coach Danny is absolutely amazing. He and his team are super patient and helpful. The other members are equally supportive. As a newbie, I feel welcome in the unintimidating environment. The facility is clean and has more than enough equipment for everyone. Also, the MMA cage is amazing! I highly recommend it for people of all ages and skill levels.”  Ekhlasur R.


“Can't say enough good things about this place. They've done an outstanding job of making mma accessible to the average person. The coaching is top notch, the class sizes are small (ensuring that you get a lot of personal attention), and the class content really leaves the impression that everything you learn is part of a larger, we'll thought-out curriculum. After every class you feel a little better, stronger, faster, smarter. 

The owners are great people. I've been to a lot of gyms, and none have succeeded in creating a positive environment the way Danny and Lina have. The students come from all walks of life and there is a real sense of community. Everyone cares and everyone wants you to get better (whatever *your* better is). 

I would encourage anyone to come in for a free trial. You won't regret it.”  Nick C.


“Very good gym! 
Even if your goal is to only to get fit, this gym is the place to go! You will have so much more fun than using gym machines and you will see results very quickly.
If your goal is to learn some MMA, this gym is also perfect. Very good instructors, but also important good students/partners. Everybody helps each other and everybody is super respectful. It doesn't matter if you are out of shape, a girl, old/young, beginner, everybody there will help you out to achieve your goals.

The prices are great, located right by Bathurst subway station and the schedule super convenient. I've been training there for 7 months and I love it!
   Stephanie B.


“Best gym ever, own by a very lovely couple. More than a team: a family! Different levels but everyone help each other, very open minded, always available to answer any question. No bully are allowed in the gym. Either you want to train for competition or just to do sport and be in good shape, Coach Danny will help you reach your goal; There is different other coaches and all are very good and attentive.

+Grappling competitons+
+Striking competitions+
+MMA competitons+”  
Fab H.


"Black Devil MMA is the opposite of the big mass market gyms. The classes are smaller, and you actually get a ton of personal attention from the coach to help your fighting style. After just a few classes I felt much more confident in my fighting style, and prepared to defend myself.

The other gym goers are always friendly and there to give you a hand if you need it. Its like you are part of a family here. I'd suggest checking it out if you are looking to get the personal support you need to learn MMA quickly."  Ryan M.


“I have trained at Black Devils MMA and have nothing but respect and admiration for the establishment.  As a kid, I tried judo and karate, but was somewhat scared off by the macho, ego-heavy encounters I found in some of the people there.  Black Devils is completely different.  There is none of that there.  What I experienced was a great deal of helpful, precise instruction, patience, encouragement and even a good dose of humour.  

I would whole-heartedly recommend this gym.  Danny (head coach) and all the other coaches I had the privilege of working with know their technique from years of experience and in addition to the skills offered, the actual workout is the most exceptionally challenging cardio I have ever been through.   Whether it's exercise, self-defense, training to compete. building strength or understanding MMA strategy on a deeper level, this is the place where you will find it. 

Strength and Honour.”  Nathanial B.


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